About Charlotte

Charlotte is a mom, Fashion Redesigner and Founder of Creative Fashion Academy. She loves helping people to uplevel their creativity skills, by making something new with clothes that already exist.

Her students learn the concept of upcycling and sustainable fashion and understand why customizing your clothes enriches both their style and their closet.

Extending the life cycle of clothing and textiles gives people one-of-a-kind affordable wardrobes. 

“Design something new from something that already is.”



My intention here is to WOW and inspire you to do more with the clothes you don’t wear anymore. 

I believe in CHALLENGING the status quo in the fashion industry. 

My mission is to REDEFINE the new normal in fashion.

My BMAC page is where I share my journey, my work and take you along with me behind the scenes, while I do my part to reduce textile waste in the world.