Creativity is giving yourself permission to see things differently

Charlotte Duzong

Want to know what you can do with clothes? Here are some redesigns that will show you what is possible with limted resourses.

Want to learn the art of upcycling with other studends? Join live workshops, courses and events to get you started.

Want to have your pre-loved garment custom- made? Book a Brainstorm & Design session to share your wishes.

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A beginner’s guide with a cheat sheet for every aspiring sewer,upcycler and creative who are inspired byall the new upcycling fashion trends out there.

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Since 2020 Charlotte has…

  • inspired 2000+ students to do more with the clothes they have
  • taught 50+ upcycle classes at 35+ primary schools in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Den Haag and het Groene Hart
  • given 2 fashion & upcycle (summer) courses at young teens
  • given 4 inspirational talks on social entrepreneurship to 50+ students at 4 secondary schools
  • given 2 upcycle workshops series to 20 young teens after school curicullum
  • redesigned 25 one-of-a-kind garments in 25 consecutive weeks
  • conducted 22+ live online upcycle workshops on YouTube